A Better Understanding

An editor I worked with suggested I add words like "remote" and "provincial" to describe the town in 'Camouflage'.

But these words did not reflect the setting I wanted to create for the book. I started to get upset and asked her why she wanted me to change my story.

Her answer surprised me. It wasn't that she wanted me to change anything. Simply her vision of a "New England town" was different from mine.

When we talk to someone just like when we write, the other person will not know what's on our mind. Details and descriptions are needed.

In 'Camouflage' Wilton is a suburban town. By working into the writing the fact that there are stores, coffee shops, restaurants, parks, schools, and colonial homes with landscaped yards, the reader can begin to picture a more populated area and not a remote one.

Ivy Keating