If the title of this blog is "Rejected," why is there an exclamation point after it? Am I so excited to talk about-rejection?

Of course no one likes to be turned down, but here's a few ways to think about it that could actually help you feel better.

1-You saved yourself from a bad match.

For example: If a publishing house turns down a book it's very possible they may not specialize in your genre. Don't try to force a bad match. The "bad match" rejection means there's something better out there for you!

2-What you presented had the promise to be better.

For example: It would be awful to have a publishing house publish your book-if it's not up to a certain standard. I'll call this the "saved you" rejection. When you put yourself out there-you want your best work in view.

3-Finally, rejection is an energy boost. Rejection doesn't mean the end of something. It means, get to work! Be proud. You put something out there for consideration. Not everyone accomplishes this-you did. Use the idea of "rejection" to inspire you to find out what needs to be done. Let it be the final push to help you cross the line.