It takes courage to ask for something, but it is almost always necessary in the process of reaching your goals.

No matter what you are trying to accomplish, it's likely you will have to ask someone for advice, assistance, and/or to do a specific action, to obtain what you want.

Don't let insecurities or excuses stand in your way. It takes courage because sometimes the most effective way to ask for something is not the most comfortable.

Last month, I had terrible feelings toward a local book store! I tried to contact someone to ask if they would carry my book. Phone calls were met with email requests, and emails weren't answered. I finally got the courage to walk in and ask.

The person in charge was lovely, said she remembered my emails but was extremely busy. On the spot, she agreed to carry the book.

The lesson is-don't give up without a clear answer, and this starts with the courage to ask.